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Product Family - PC Biomaterials

PC Technology™

PC Technology™ is a proprietary portfolio of innovative polymers containing phosphorylcholine (PC) that has been developed by Biocompatibles for use in medical applications. PC's mode of action can provide benefits that make PC Technology coatings and materials particularly well suited to implantable medical products, including drug-eluting devices.

Products featuring PC Technology are now sold by leading healthcare companies across the world.


What is Phosphorylcholine (PC)?

PC is the name for the chemical head group found in the inner and outer layers of lipids forming the cell membranes. PC contains both positive and negative charges and is overall, electrically neutral (zwitterionic) over a wide pH range. As the predominant head group present in the lipids of the outer membrane layer, PC plays a key role in determining how the cell interacts with its surrounding environment.

The zwitterionic nature of PC, combined with its ability to bind water tightly around itself, gives these lipids their remarkable biocompatibility.

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